VNG Common Ground — A Municipal Data Mesh Approach on Oracle Cloud

Johan Louwers
3 min readJun 19
A Municipal Data Mesh

Organizations and people become more and more digital aware. Interactions between people and organziations and citizens becomes predominantly digital, as a natural result of that interactions between citizens and the local govermenst become more ditgital as well.

At the core of each interaction we will find data, when we are looking a local govermenst on the municipal we can observe that same desires and problems as we observe in other type of organizations. The desire, the need, for data liberation. breaking down the data silo’s and making the data available to both internal and external users.

A Municipal Data Mesh

As part of an initiative by the VNG (Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeentes), a collective of Dutch Municipals, the “common ground” principles have been been defined. In effect, the “common ground” principles define a future roadmap for the development and adoption of a Data Mesh way of working for the Dutch Municipals

VNG Common Ground — Gemeentelijk Data Mesh

By defining a building the roadmap towards municipals specific data mesh in the form of Common Ground this VNG provides the ability to Dutch Local Government organisations to more easily adopt a modern and data centric way of working.

Common Ground and Oracle

As part of the ongoing support towards both central and local government Oracle has been working together with the VNG to define an implementation reference architecture. This reference architecture will give local governments the possibility to leverage both Oracle technology and Oracle Cloud to build the future data centric data mesh.

VNG Common Ground — Oracle Whitepaper

Oracle has developed an implementation blueprint which allows Local governments to make optimal use of Oracle Cloud and the services provided in the Oracle Cloud while at the same time fully adopt the VNG Common Ground principles. For all initiatives involving the modernisation of…

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