Cryptographical Trust Based Data Mesh For Medical Records

Johan Louwers
3 min readJul 24
Cryptographical Trust Based Data Mesh For Medical Records

The Future of Data-Driven Healthcare in Hospitals: A Vital Strategic Pillar

In the rapidly evolving world of healthcare, there is one crucial factor that will play an increasingly important role: data. Data and data-driven healthcare will become one of the most crucial and strategic pillars for hospitals in the future. This whitepaper explains why it is essential for a hospital to be able to share data with other parties in the region and consume data from other sources. It also discusses how data sharing between different parties based on a data mesh holds the key to the future and aligns with the ambitions of government, semi-government, and the commercial world. Additionally, it highlights that hospitals that do not prepare for this data-driven healthcare world now are likely to face significant challenges in remaining relevant as modern healthcare providers compared to those that do prepare.

Data-Driven Healthcare: The Future of Healthcare

Data has been playing a significant role in healthcare for some time now. The rise of electronic health records, medical devices collecting data, and the growth of wearables have vastly increased the amount of health-related information available. By employing advanced analytics, hospitals can gain valuable insights from this data, leading to improved diagnostics, personalized treatments, and better patient outcomes.

The Need for Data Sharing

To fully leverage the potential of data-driven healthcare, data sharing is a crucial step. Hospitals collect vast amounts of data, but this valuable information should not remain isolated. Sharing data with other parties in the region, such as other healthcare providers, research institutions, and local government, offers numerous benefits. It enables healthcare professionals to have a holistic view of patients’ health, improves care coordination, and reduces redundant tests and treatments.

Basis of a Data Mesh: The Future of Data Sharing

A data mesh is a decentralized approach to data sharing, wherein data owners have complete control over their data and determine who…

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