Cloud Native Pipelines in an Oracle and Azure Multicloud Landscape

Johan Louwers
3 min readMay 14, 2021

Enterprises moving to a single public cloud vendor are a rarity, an uncommon breed, and for good reasons. Some types of enterprise workloads fit better in a specific public cloud than another. For this reason we see the concept of cloud native enterprise landscapes move to a multicloud strategy.

Commonly Multicloud is a mix of hybrid cloud and Multicloud where a part of the IT estate is retained in traditional on premise datacenters. In some cases the private cloud consists out of traditional infrastructure and in some cases an on-premise public cloud deployment provided by a solution like the Oracle Dedicated Region for cloud at customer.

Kseniia Ryuma

When selecting multiple public cloud providers it is of vital importance to ensure the cloud providers do provide a certain level of interoperability. Interoperability from a technology point of view, a network connectivity point of view as well as an operational point of view. A partnership between Oracle and Azure provides just that, a growing partnership provides the alignment of technology, a native way of integrating both Azure and Oracle Cloud via network interconnects as well as a common support model to provide customers with the most optimal support possible.

Managing multicloud DevOps
When deploying, in an automated DevOps style cloud native applications it is important to ensure a strategy which will fully support both platforms. As with most of the DevOps implementations a large number of solutions could be used.

A common rule of thumb is, select one single pipeline solution as an enterprise and standardize on this. This pipeline should become the backbone of your enterprise automation strategy. Even though a lot of on-premise pipeline solutions exist a good direction is to select a solution which is offered directly from the cloud and is provided as a cloud native service to you.

One of the ways to manage multicloud DevOps and leverage pipelines to deploy cloud native solutions is to standardize on Azure DevOps pipelines. Azure DevOps pipelines are able to deploy on both Azure as well as on Oracle Cloud which makes them an ideal candidate for enterprises who make use of both Oracle Cloud as well as…

Johan Louwers

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